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Oil Prices by clintmurphy
November 21, 2007, 2:57 am
Filed under: transportation

Wonderful.  I’m thinking that as the price of oil continues to rise we may soon see some changes in the way that we go about our daily lives.  

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How high do you think prices will have to climb before people really get serious about “making other arrangements? Gasoline at $5 per gallon? $10?

Comment by John

Politicians are pointing it as if there is no other alternative other than to just deal with the high prices of gas. They are delayed in promoting alternatives such as transit. There is a huge disconnect between the citizens and the politicians…

Comment by Bull Moose

i think the market will tend to keep gas prices right in the range where we do not end up making many changes to our routines-it will hover around the 3 dollar range until it appears we can take a little more and bump up incrementally as it has thus far

Comment by drjay

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