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Perot Voters Making a Comeback? by clintmurphy
November 24, 2007, 8:30 pm
Filed under: National Politics

This story on the website got me to thinking about the upcoming 2008 election and what affect a third party or even a possible fourth party will have on the outcomes. 

There is growing unrest in the electorate right now because the status quo is failing America, especially in Congress. 

Can we begin to move to a post-partisan agenda where we can begin to address the REAL issues that face our country or are we going to continue to be narrowly focused on singularly divisive issues driven by special interests? 

As an original Perot 1992 voter, I was optimistic to watch the Republicans in 1994 embrace the mantel of reform only to fall to the special interests years later.  Now, reform minded Democrats who just took power are going down the same path. 

Are either party capable of reform or are they too far along and entrenched in the status quo and special interests to break away? 

I consider myself a Republican because that has traditionally been the party of individual empowerment; however as of late, the Republicans seem to be on the way to becoming the party of corporations and special interests at the expense of the individual. 

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