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Massacre in the heartland… by clintmurphy
December 5, 2007, 10:03 pm
Filed under: Depression, Guns

I couldn’t even believe the news today when I got home. 

What has happened to our society when someone choses to not only take their own life, but create such horror in a horrific way?  

If this were the first time that someone chose to commit such an action it would be more surprising, but behavior such as this continues to occur without a real national outcry on the issues that affect mental health. 

It’s time for mental health parity.  It’s time for us as a society to get serious and sincerely address the matter of depression and the real toll that it takes on the psyche of its victims. 

As well, the issue of guns must be addressed, or at least efforts to encourage taking guns to work need to be scuttled permanently.  Some elements of the NRA and their supporters are advocating and advancing efforts to allow guns to be be carried to work.  And not only that, but the employer would be liable for any crimes or harm that may occur from the gun being brought to work. 

I’m a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and believe strongly that we must ensure that freedom; however, I mean, seriously, we have “Take Your Child to Work Day”, but do we really need, “Take Your Gun to Work Day?” 

My heart just aches for the family of this killer and for those harmed today in Nebraska. 

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No one is demanding that anyone take a gun to work. Jeez, its always overblown like that. What I, as a genuine supporter of the 2d Amendment, would like to be able to do is carry my concealed weapon legally in all areas, because I don’t know when or where a need for it will occur. Once I am properly liscened to carry, why should there be any restrictions? Truly, the stats show that we CCW holders do not commit crimes with firearms, ever. We are the most trustworhty citizens around, but no one will trust us. Go figure.

Comment by John

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