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Gun lobby hits the state house by drewwade
January 7, 2008, 5:54 pm
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The NRA has descended for a second assault on our capitol to force a bill requiring private property owners to allow guns in cars parked on their property.

Mark Barton, who killed 9 at his office in AtlantaHave they forgotten the horrible scene of 1999 that made international news? The gun activists will of course say: Well, that’s an isolated incident, obviously a very sick individual. Not so, however if you read the interviews of Mark Barton’s family and friends. Why would we invite guns into our workplaces? Easy access makes what could be a diffusible problem into something extremely volatile and potentially disastrous.

Sensibly, the Georgia Chamber of Commerce is against the measure which flies in the face of private property rights. Surely we don’t think the 2nd amendment trumps all the others.

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I’m all for the 2nd Amendment, but do we really need a bill to let people bring their gun to work and then hold the employer liable for any crimes?

That makes no sense!

Comment by clintmurphy

It is going to be an interesting session this time around. Word it that the NRA is sending in Wayne LaPierre (NRA’s EVP) to lobby the GA Legis personally. For them do to that speaks volumes about how they feel about this bill. I also heard that he will be meeting with the “216 Policy Group” which is a bunch of staunch conservative Republican state lawmakers. I can’t wait to see how they vote on this.

Comment by Gunner

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