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TLOST in the Senate by drewwade
February 20, 2008, 4:56 pm
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This post was written by Drew Wade.

So, the penny transportation local option sales tax (TLOST) has passed the State Senate overwhelmingly, still moving through the House. What I like about it is the optional part.  It certainly does not presume the needs of a particular region, and funds generated there (disproportionately from tourists here in the coast) go to transportation projects we decide on.

I am pleased to see that the group which has been the primary impetus behind TLOST, Get Georgia Moving, has alternative modes (transit and the Beltline in Atlanta) as a part of its recommendations. Now we need to demand inclusion of a provision on Complete Streets.


Well the State legislature is in day two… by savannahdemocrat
January 15, 2008, 9:12 am
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and it seems to be more of the same from what we saw last session. The two chambers have already started their parliamentary smack downs against each other. For those of us who love this stuff it really is interesting watching these two chambers flex their constitutional muscles but for the people of Georgia it is sad. While some of Georgia’s leaders bicker, the people’s work is not being done. I think that issues such as our water plan, transportation, and the Glen tax will be heading to the floor for towards to end of the session. While Clint is the transportation guru, I will leave that to him (just give me a hi-speed train from SAV to ATL). The Glenn Tax, I am sure all have a chance to weigh in on this one. However, the water plan is special and I will be preparing a post about that later. Enjoy your day and thank a veteran ( BTW the Wild Hog Supper this year was fun).