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Murphy Elected Young Republican National Committeeman by clintmurphy

Clint Murphy, a Savannah REALTOR and long time supporter of the Republican Party was recently elected as the Georgia Young Republican National Committeeman in a special election.

Murphy has been involved for a number of years in the Republican Party in Georgia, as well as in Washington, DC and in Iowa.  Murphy got his first taste of politics in 1990 as a young volunteer for Johnny Isakson in his campaign for Governor.  Murphy credits that as being the spark that started his interest in getting involved with Republican politics. 

Murphy’s first job out of college was on the staff of the late US Senator Paul D. Coverdell.  He went on to work as a fundraiser at the National Republican Congressional Committee, serve in the Bush Administration, run a Congressional Campaign, and work in Iowa during the 2002 elections. 

In 2003, Murphy returned to Savannah to begin his career in real estate.  When Johnny Isakson announced for the Senate seat, Murphy signed up to co-chair his campaign in Savannah.  Murphy was an early supporter of Casey Cagle in his campaign to become the first Republican elected to the office of Lt. Governor and helped lead the campaign on the coast. 

Presently, Clint Murphy is on the Georgia Advisory Committee for John McCain for President and serves as Vice Chairman of the Savannah Young Republicans.  Murphy serves as Chairman of the Chatham County Urban Transportation Citizens Advisory Committee and in 2007 ran unsuccessfully for the Savannah City Council. 

In his spare time, Clint likes to bike and is involved with the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life and the American Diabetes Association’s Kiss a Pig competition. 


Random Thoughts… by clintmurphy
December 16, 2007, 7:15 pm
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It’s finally feeling like winter in Savannah.  For a while there, I was singing, “It’s beginning to feel a lot like Easter…” it was so warm… But alas, it’s cold.  It will probably last a day or two and warm back up in traditional Savannah style…

Most people know I like politics, and some think that’s the only thing I seem to be interested in.  Just because I worked in DC and seem to have been involved in politics for as long as I can remember, I hope it’s not the only thing that people identify me with on a personal level. 

I’m a people person.  I pretty much enjoy doing anything with friends, however, my personal favorites growing up included playing tennis – not that I was any good, but I enjoyed the game!  I need to take tennis back up as a hobby!     

I like to write and a lot of people don’t know that about me.  I should have been a journalist.  Growing up, I used to want to be a news anchor actually or be a writer for movies and television shows.  Instead, I got involved in politics and worked in DC for the NRCC and HUD.  I ran Barbara Dooley’s unsuccessful campaign for Congress (YES, Coach Vince Dooley’s wife).  To paraphrase the great Gladys Knight, DC proved too much for the man and I returned to Savannah and am now a REALTOR

I’m actively trying harder than I have in the past to take up new hobbies and develop some interests outside of politics… Kayaking has been on my list for a few years and I’ve made no headway on that, but 2008 will be the year that changes.  So too am I taking up biking, prodded along by a new friend made during my campaign for city council.  It seems a bit easier right now than kayaking!  As well, it has helped me appreciate the need for more bikeways.  Sailing is fun too and thanks to a buddy of mine, who from time to time takes me out there, it’s more fun than I could ever have imagined. 

In terms of Savannah, I recently ran for City Council.  I chair the Citizens Advisory Committee for the Chatham Urban Transportation Study (CUTS) and sit on the Policy Committee.  CUTS is the official Metropolitan Planning Organization for transportation in Chatham County.  In 2008 we will begin to update the LRTP (Long Range Transportation Plan).  As well, I am on the Georgia Steering Committee for Senator John McCain’s campaign for President of the United States

Furthermore, I am a cancer survivor and for the past several years have been involved with the American Cancer Society Relay For Life.  I have served as a team captain, having lead the highest grossing team in the event’s history in Savannah, Co-Chair of the event, and most recently am the publicity chairman. 

So, I’d like to think, and hopefully it’s true, that there is more to my life than politics.  I’ll just have to work hard at bringing them out there…